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Changshu Dongfang Warp & Weft Knitting Co.,Ltd., is located in Changshu city, a historically culturally famous city, developed from Yangtze River Delta, near Shanghai , Suzhou and Wuxi and Nantong. Traffic is very convenient . Our company was founded in 2001, we have been focusing on knitting fabrics research, development and production. Company technical force is abundant, product quality excellent. we are Home Textile Fabric manufacturer.we are honored by our quality and good service in the peer. we have a strong team and always believe that hardworking and work with heart will make everything better. The company imports many advanced machines from Germany、Italy and many other countries. We have strong technical strength with weaving and dyeing and home textile production one-stop production capacity . The company expands its business through various channels.

Home Textile Fabric Industry Knowledge Extension

What are the characteristics of home textile fabrics?

Home textile fabrics are used to create different kinds of home textiles, such as curtains, bedding, upholstery, tablecloths, and more. The characteristics of home textile fabrics may vary depending on the intended use and the materials used, but some common characteristics include:

1. Durability: Home textile fabrics need to be durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear, washing, and exposure to light.

2. Comfort: Home textile fabrics should be comfortable to the touch, as they come into direct contact with the skin. They should feel soft and not irritate the skin.

3. Breathability: Home textile fabrics should allow air to circulate to avoid stuffiness, especially in bedding and upholstery fabrics.

4. Moisture absorption: Home textile fabrics should be able to absorb moisture, especially in bedding fabrics, to keep the sleeper dry and comfortable.

5. Colorfastness: Home textile fabrics should retain their colors after washing or exposure to light.

6. Easy maintenance: Home textile fabrics should be easy to maintain and clean, and should not require special care or cleaning methods.

7. Aesthetics: Home textile fabrics should have an appealing appearance, and complement the home décor style.

8. Eco-friendliness: Home textile fabrics should be produced from sustainable and eco-friendly materials and processes, whenever possible.

What can home textile fabrics do?

Home textile fabrics have a wide range of uses in the home, including:

Decoration: Home textile fabrics are often used to decorate the home and add color and texture to a room. They can be used for window treatments, such as curtains and drapes, throw pillows, and decorative blankets.

Comfort: Home textile fabrics can provide comfort and warmth to the home. They can be used for bedding, such as sheets, pillowcases, and comforters, as well as for throws and blankets.

Protection: Home textile fabrics can help protect furniture and other surfaces from wear and tear, spills, and stains. They can be used for upholstery, tablecloths, and placemats.

Sound and light insulation: Home textile fabrics can help reduce noise levels and regulate light in a room. Heavy drapes or curtains can reduce noise levels and regulate light, while acoustic panels or soundproof curtains can absorb or deflect sound.

Personal expression: Home textile fabrics can be used to express personal style and taste. Whether it is through a favorite color, pattern, or texture, the choice of home textile fabrics can make a statement about an individual's personality.

Overall, home textile fabrics serve both functional and aesthetic purposes in the home, making it a more comfortable, stylish, and functional space to live in.